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This site is maintained using XML and XSLT technologies.

SAXON is employed to both enumerate the list of all pages comprising the site (and the associated script), and to actually generate the individual pages. The generation of the script to automatically generate the pages, and the pages themselves, is controlled by a hierarchical series of XSLT style sheets.

Unlike most dynamic approaches to www site generation, this approach optimizes the flexibility of site maintenance while maintaining high efficiency for both the visitor and the server. The standard HTML generated by this process is fully cacheable, as opposed to the dynamic outputs of an ASP, JSP, or other server intensive technology. This reduces the load on the network and the server.

The XML/XSLT automated generation process ensures consistency of information from content to internal cross links.

Our webmaster, Bob Gezelter, will be happy to respond to questions and comments about the site and the technologies used to produce and maintain it.

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