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Chapter 19 –  E-Commerce Safeguards
     Jeffrey Ritter
     Michael F. Money, CISSP, CISA

Chapter Contents:

   19.1    Introduction
   19.2    The Legal Framework
   19.2.1    State of Uniformity in Commercial Law
   19.2.1    The United States
   19.2.4    The Uniform Commercial Code    International Environment
   19.2.2    Contract Infrastructure of E-commerce    Significance of Contracts    Common Safeguards    Legal Management of Risks
   19.3    Technical Defenses
   19.3.1    E-commerce Security Services: A Basic Methodology    Step 1: Define Information Security Concerns Specific to the Application    Step 2: Develop Security Service Options    Step 3: Select Security Service Options Based on Requirements
   19.3.2    Using the Security Services Framework    Business-to-Customer Security Services    Business-to-Business Security Services
   19.4    Conclusion
   19.5    For Further Reading

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