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Chapter 52 –  Privacy in Cyberspace
     Benjamin Hayes
     Henry Judy
     Jeffrey Ritter

Chapter Contents:

   52.1    Introduction: Worldwide Trends
   52.1.1    Laws, Regulations, and Agreements
   52.1.2    Sources of Privacy Law
   52.2    European Approaches to Privacy
   52.2.1    History and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Principles
   52.2.2    European Union Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC    European Union Directive Requirements    International Data Transfer Restrictions    State of Implementation
   52.2.3    Harmonization of non-EU European Countries to the EU Directive
   52.2.4    European Union Telecommunications Directive
   52.3    United States
   52.3.1    History, Common-Law Torts
   52.3.2    Public Sector    Privacy Act of 1974 (Including the Freedom of Information Act)    Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986    Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978    Driver's Privacy Protection Act    Law Enforcement and National Security Surveillance
   52.3.3    Private Sector    Financial Services Sector (The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)    Children's Online Privacy Protection Act    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act    Cable and Video Acts    United States/European Union Safe Harbor    Workplace Privacy    Anonymity of Internet Postings and "Cybersmearing."    Online Monitoring Technology    Location Privacy
   52.3.4    State Legislation
   52.4    Compliance Models
   52.4.1    Self-Regulatory Regimes and Codes of Conduct
   52.4.2    Contract Infrastructure
   52.4.3    Synthesis of Contracts, Technology, and Law
   52.4.4    Getting Started: A Practical Checklist
   52.5    Notes
   52.6    For Further Reading

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