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Rebecca Gurley Bace

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   37   Vulnerability Assessment and Intrusion Detection Systems

Rebecca Bace is the President/CEO of Infidel, Inc, a network security consulting practice. Ms. Bace has been an active force in the intrusion detection community for over a decade, as the director of the National Security Agency's research program for intrusion detection (1989 - 1996), where she funded much of the early research in intrusion detection, as deputy security officer for the Computing Information, and Communications Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (1996-1997) and in her current capacity at Infidel. Bace is author of the National Institute for Standards and Technology's Special Publication on Intrusion Detection (SP 800-31), the book, Intrusion Detection, (Macmillan Technical Publishing, 2000), and a variety of intrusion detection references published over the last five years. She is currently advising a group of security solution startups, working with Trident Capital (, where she is responsible for directing network security investment activities, and serving as faculty for the popular Intrusion Detection Forum series for senior information security managers offered by the Institute for Applied Network Security (
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