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Paul J. Brusil, Ph.D

Chapters Contributed:
   27   Standards for Security Products
   49   Medical Records Security

Paul J. Brusil founded Strategic Management Directions, a security and enterprise management consultancy in Beverly, Massachusetts. He has been working with various industry and government sectors including healthcare, telecommunications and middleware to improve the specification, implementation and use of trustworthy, quality, security-related products and systems. He supported strategic planning that led to the National Information Assurance Partnership and other industry forums created to understand, promote and use the Common Criteria to develop security and assurance requirements and evaluated products. He has organized, convened and chaired several workshops, conferences and symposia pertinent to management and security. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Network and Systems Management (JNSM), and has been Senior Technical Editor for JNSM. He has authored nearly 100 papers and book chapters. He graduated from Harvard University with a joint degree in Engineering and Medicine.
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