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Robert Gezelter, CDP
Robert Gezelter Software Consultant
35-20 167th Street, Suite 215
Flushing, New York  11358-1731
Voice: +1 (718) 463 1079
Facsimile:   (on request)

Chapters Contributed:
   10   Mobile Code
   21   Protecting Internet-Visible Systems
   22   Protecting Web Sites
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Robert Gezelter, CDP has over 27 years of experience in computing; starting with programming scientific/technical problems. Shortly thereafter, his focus shifted to operating systems, networks, security, and related matters; with over 26 years of experience in systems architecture, programming and management. He has worked extensively in systems architecture, security, internals, and networks; ranging from high-level strategic issues to the low-level specification, design, and implementation of device protocols and embedded firmware.

He is the author of numerous published articles, which have appeared in Hardcopy, Computer Purchasing Update, Network Computing, Open Systems Today, Digital Systems Journal, and Network World. He is a frequent presenter of conference sessions on operating systems, languages, security, networks, and related topics at local, regional, national, and international conferences; speaking for DECUS, Encompass, IEEE, ISSA, ISACA, and others. Mr. Gezelter previously authored the "Internet Security" chapters of The Computer Security Handbook, 3rd Edition (1995) and its supplement (1997).
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