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Donn Parker

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   5   Toward a New Framework for Information Security

Donn B. Parker is a retired (1997) senior management consultant at SRI International in Menlo Park, California who has specialized in Information security and computer crime research for 30 of his 47 years in the computer field. He has written numerous books, papers, articles, and reports in his specialty based on interviews of over 200 computer criminals and reviews of the security of many large corporations. He received the 1992 Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement from the Information Systems Security Association and the 1994 National Computer System Security Award from the U.S. NIST/NCSC; The Aerospace Computer Security Associates 1994 Distinguished Lecturer award; and The MIS Training Institute Infosecurity News 1996 Lifetime Achievement Award. Information Security Magazine identified him as one of the five top Infosecurity Pioneers (1998).
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