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Franklin N. Platt

Chapters Contributed:
   14   Physical Threats to the Information Infrastructure
   15   Protecting the Information Infrastructure

Franklin N. Platt is president of Office Planning Services, a Wall Street consultancy for twenty years and headquartered in Stark, New Hampshire since 1990. His academic background includes business administration, management, and electrical engineering. His company provides security planning services and emergency management assistance nationwide to protect people, property and profit. Their services include site evaluation and risk analysis, second opinion, due diligence, exercises and training. Mr. Platt is also a sworn public official and an active Emergency Manage-ment Director vetted by the State of New Hampshire and the FBI. He is professionally accredited by the State and by FEMA, and has received extensive government training in emergency management, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and workplace violence-training mostly un-available to the public.
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