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Diane E. (Dione) Levine

Chapters Contributed:
   11   Denial-of-Service Attacks
   25   Software Development and Quality Assurance
   26   Piracy and Antipiracy Techniques
   36   Auditing Computer Security
   38   Monitoring and Control Systems
   50   Using Encryption Internationally

Diane E. (Dione) Levine, CISSP, CFE, FBCI, CPS is President of Strategic Systems Management, an international management consulting firm with offices in New York and Paris. In addition to developing and teaching numerous corporate, university and graduate-school courses in her specialties, Ms. Levine is a contributor to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified Business Continuity Professional examinations. She serves on the Board of the Information Systems Security Association and the Executive Board of the Contingency Planning Exchange.
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