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Seymour Bosworth

Chapters Contributed:
   1   Brief History and Mission of Information System Security
   7   Information Warfare
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Seymour Bosworth, MS, CDP, is president of S. Bosworth & Associates, Plainview, New York, a management consulting firm active in computing applications for banking, commerce, and industry. Since 1972 he has been a contributing editor of all four editions of the Computer Security Handbook, and he has written many articles and lectured extensively about computer security and other technical and managerial subjects. He has been responsible for design and manufacture, system analysis, programming, and operations, of both digital and analog computers. For his technical contributions, including an error-computing calibrator, a programming aid, and an analog-to-digital converter, he has been granted a number of patents, and is working on several others.

Mr. Bosworth is a former president and CEO of Computer Corporation of America, manufacturers of computers for scientific and engineering applications; president of Abbey Electronics Corporation, manufacturers of precision electronic instruments and digital devices; and president of Alpha Data processing Corporation, a general-purpose computer service bureau. As a vice president at Bankers Trust company he had overall responsibility for computer operations, including security concerns.

For more than twenty years, Mr. Bosworth was an adjunct associate professor of management at the Information Technologies Institute of New York University, where he lectured on computer security and related disciplines. He holds a master's degree from the Graduate School of Business of Columbia University, and the Certificate in Data Processing of the Data processing Management Association.
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