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Stephen Cobb, CISSP

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   8   Penetrating Computer Systems and Networks

Stephen Cobb, CISSP has been helping companies, governments, and individuals to secure their computer-based information for more than fifteen years. A best-selling author of over twenty computer books, Cobb has presented security seminars and chaired security conferences in Europe, Asia, and America. He is now Senior V.P. of Research & Education for ePrivacy Group, a Philadelphia-based privacy consulting, training and technology company. Cobb served for two years as Director of Special Projects for the National Computer Security Association, launching its award-winning Web site and the Firewall Product Developers' Consortium. He left NCSA to become a founding partner of InfoSec Labs, Inc., which was acquired by Rainbow Technologies in 1999. Frequently quoted by the media as a security expert in the US, Europe, and Asia, Cobb has published in a wide range of publications. Check his web site for recent writings.
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