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Santosh Chokhani

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   23   Public Key Infrastructures and Certificate Authorities

Santosh Chokhani is the founder and President of CygnaCom Solutions Inc., an Entrust company specializing in PKI. Dr. Chokhani has made numerous contributions to PKI technology and related standards including trust models, security and policy and revocation processing. He is the inventor of the PKI Certificate Policy and Certification Practices Statement Framework. His pioneering work in this area led to the Internet RFC that is used as the Standard for CP and CPS by Governments and Industry throughout the world. Prior to starting CygnaCom, Dr. Chokhani worked for The MITRE Corporation from 1978 to 1994. At MITRE, Dr. Chokhani was senior technical manager and managed a variety of technology research, development and engineering projects in the areas of PKI, computer security, expert systems, image processing and computer graphics. Dr. Chokhani obtained his Masters (1971) and Ph.D. (1975) in EE/CS from Rutgers University where he was a Louis Bevior Fellow from 1971-73.
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