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Bernie Cowens

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   40   Computer Emergency Quick-Response Teams

Bernard Cowens, CISSP is a security expert with over fifteen years experience in designing, developing, managing, and protecting complex and sensitive information systems and networks. Cowens has extensive experience managing and securing high availability, multi-site military and civilian data centers and is therefore uniquely adept at recognizing and balancing security imperatives with operational realities. Mr. Cowens has conducted security reviews and analyses which involved dealing with extremely sensitive, highly classified national security data and equipment. Cowens has created, trained and served on a number of computer emergency and incident response teams over the years and has real world experience responding to disasters, attacks and system failures resulting from a variety of sources. He has served as a member of and an advisor to national-level panels charged with analyzing network and information system threats, assessing associated risks, and recommending both technical and non-technical risk mitigation policies and procedures. He holds a Master's degree in Management Information Systems and undergraduate degrees and certificates in data processing and systems management.
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